Our valuations are on the premises so there’s no risk of loss due to us sending your jewellery elsewhere.


Valuations are normally required for insurance purposes but items can also be valued for probate as part of a deceased persons estate, which would be based on the value the item might achieve in the open market, for example at an auction.

Why do I need a valuation?
A valuation can enable you to ensure that your jewellery and watches are insured for the correct value and will also make any claim easier in the event of any loss. A written valuation can also help establish your ownership of a piece, as it will be much more detailed than your original shop receipt. All too often, the police recover stolen property but cannot return your irreplaceable possessions because the owners are unable to prove it was theirs. We can advise you on whether or not the cost of a valuation is justified.

How often do I need my items valued?
As precious metals and gemstones are affected by various market forces such as supply and demand and other factors besides inflation you may find that after a time your valuation may be incorrect. We would recommend that you have your items re-valued every five years, but you could be wise to come in to us every year for a free clean and ‘health check’ for loose stones etc and we can advise if the market has changed that requires you to have a new valuation.

Determining the value of a piece of jewellery or watch, for whatever reason, requires a good deal of skill and experience. You should always ensure that your jewellery is adequately insured. This is only possible if you have an up to date valuation for all major items you wish to cover.

How much will the valuation cost?
Normally for example, a gemstone piece will take a lot longer to appraise so we can estimate the price when you bring your items in for valuation. The price of a valuation is based on a sliding scale depending on the valued price of your jewellery. We can quote for the valuation once we see the items.

What do I need to bring with the item?
As well as the item/s for valuation, if possible bring with you the original receipt, any diamond certificates and any previous valuations.

What will I get with the valuation?
As well as a full written description and valuation, we will clean and inspect for example to see if any stones are loose.

You should always ensure that your jewellery valuations are up to date and adequately insured.

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